DLA-X35B Price: $3499.95
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Width: 17 7/8"/455mm
Height: 7"/179mm
Depth: 18 1/2"/472mm

Weight: 32.63lb/14.9kg
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Full HD D-ILA Projector - DLA-X35B - Overview
  • Overview

    The Performance of D-ILA Combined with the Excitement of 3D

    What makes a JVC projector different is the picture quality: the deepest black levels, and the highest native contrast which only D-ILA technology can deliver. The DLA-X35 brings this renowned performance combined with the excitement of 3D to a wider audience than ever before.

    The X35 uses three D-ILA devices to project a Full HD 1920 x 1080 image with an amazing black level and 50,000:1 Native Contrast Ratio. “Native” means JVC does not use a dynamic iris, making it possible to reproduce the deepest blacks and vivid peak whites at the same time, for the most impactful images in each and every frame.

    All new JVC Procision projectors are 3D enabled, and feature a wide range of 3D enhancements, including a brighter 3D picture and reduced 3D cross talk.

    A 3D RF Emitter (PK-EM2, sold separately) syncs the projected image with JVC’s Active Shutter 3D RF Glasses (PK-AG3, sold separately) for a superior 3D experience, no matter what type of screen is used or how the home theater has been configured. By using RF technology, installation is simplified, and the available viewing range is increased substantially.

    JVC offers impressive installation flexibility with a 2X Optical Zoom featuring motorized focus, zoom & lens shift settings. The X35 offers a Lens Memory function with five memories that allow those settings to be stored for different picture formats. This makes it easy to view multiple picture formats, such as 16:9 HDTV and Cinemascope movies, at a constant image height on a cinemascope screen, without any annoying black bars.

    The Competitive Advantage
    • Highest NATIVE Contrast Ratio in class (50,000:1)
      • Provides deepest blacks and vivid peak whites at the same time
      • Does not use a dynamic iris
    • 100% "Frame Addressing" provides brighter image reproduction in 3D
    • 2 year warranty
    Performance Features
    • New Illumination System: 230W NSH lamp & new power supply
      • Up to 4,000 hour lamp life/low lamp mode
    • 4th Generation Wire Grid Optical Engine minimizes light leakage
    • 3 Mode Screen Adjustment
    • 120Hz Clear Motion Drive
    • 23dB ultra low noise design (normal lamp mode)
    • 1,300 lumens
    3D Features
    • Upgraded Cross Talk Cancelation Circuit
    • 2D to 3D Converter
      • Developed from JVC's experience in broadcast 3D conversion systems
      • Allows 2D content to be converted to 3D in real time
      • Works on broadcast as well as packaged media
    • Extensive 3D Input supported though HDMI
      • Frame Sequential: 1080 24p/50i/60i
      • Frame Sequential: 720 50p/60p
      • Side by Side: 1080 24p/50p/50i/60p/60i
      • Side by Side: 720 50p/60p
      • Top and Bottom: 1080 24p
      • Top and Bottom: 720 50p/60p
    • Direct access to 3D modes from remote control
    • No special screen needed for 3D playback
    • New 3D RF Glasses and RF Emitter (Optional)
      • New RF Glasses: PK-AG3G (Optional)
      • New RF Emitter: PK-EM2G (Optional)
      • The DLA-X35 can also be used with the previous generation JVC IR Emitter & Glasses, (PK-EM1, PK-AG1, PK-AG2) although it is not possible to mix RF & IR accessories.
    Convenience and Set-Up Features
    • Wide Lens Shift functionality (V: 80%, H: 34%)
    • 2X Zoom (1.4 to 2.8 throw ratio)
    • Improved 5 Position Lens Memory for easy Cinemascope and 16:9 HDTV setup
    • Motorized Focus, Zoom & Lens Shift
    • New iOS App: Full remote control of the projector via iPhone, iPad
      or iPod Touch
    Inputs & Outputs
    • Dual 3D enabled HDMI v1.4a input with Deep Color and CEC
    • Component Video
    • RS-232C
    • RJ45 LAN Connection
    • 12V Trigger
    • Wired Remote Input
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