DLA-X75R Price: $7999.95
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Width: 17 7/8"/455mm
Height: 7"/179mm
Depth: 18 1/2"/472mm

Weight: 33.95lb/15.4kg
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4K e-shift2 D-ILA Projector - DLA-X75R - Performance
  • Performance

    4K e-Shift2

    4k e-shift2 is an exclusive JVC technology that allows us to produce projectors with 4 times the resolution while utilizing much of our existing infrastructure, keeping the projectors small and affordable.

    For 2013, we've made significant upgrades to the original e-Shift-now called e-shift2-which include an all-new optical device, smarter Multiple Pixel Control technology, and improved enhancement & upscaling. All of this results in a picture with significantly improved contrast, and more natural color tones than on previous models.

    With the previous version of e-shift, the original 1920 x 1080 signal was processed using a correlation detection algorithm to uncover detail that could be enhanced on a 4K display. With e-shift2, a much wider area is sampled-12 times as many pixels than previously-which results in improved edge transitions, zero aliasing and stair-stepping, and a significant increase in contrast in detailed areas. New sub pixels are generated based on this detection and a 3840 x 2160 frame is created and enhanced. Our new 8 band analysis filter delivers much more accurate smoothing and enhancement than the previous 2 band filter. The enhanced 4K frame is then temporally separated into subframes 1920 x 1080 pixels each and projected using a the D-ILA optical system through the e-Shift2 device. The original e-Shift device used liquid crystals to shift the subframes by 0.5 pixel both vertically and horizontally. Our new e-shift2 device shifts the image without the use of liquid crystals, resulting in better overall resolution linearity and ANSI contrast. This creates an image with 4 times the pixel density of the original content.

    New Illumination System

    A new 230W SHP lamp is rated for up to 4,000 hours in standard lamp mode or 3,000 hours in high lamp mode. A new lamp power supply is also incorporated. This new illumination system provides:

    • Improved brightness over the life of the lamp
    • The lamp warranty is now 1 year/1,000 hours

    Three Chip D-ILA

    D-ILA (Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier) was invented by JVC, and introduced in 1998. Through constant refinement, it has become the ultimate display technology for high-end, high definition home theater. D-ILA is a proprietary form of Liquid Crystal on Silicon. Because it is reflective, D-ILA is highly efficient, offering excellent brightness for today's most demanding sources, including 3D.

    For a true cinema experience, a darkened room is best, but-with the proper screen-it's no longer mandatory. The combination of our latest generation optical engine, a new 230W Super High Pressure lamp and the highly reflective surface of the D-ILA device provide a remarkable picture with ample contrast even in a room with ambient light. JVC's exclusive 3-Chip D-ILA light engine provides the highest resolution and the best picture detail. Improved pixel alignment with negligible space between pixels ensures the greatest contrast and the highest light efficiency. JVC's unique polarized wire grid system further improves contrast and reduces light leakage.

    D-ILA Procision projectors are characterized by natural pixel-free film-like images with smooth gray scale and rich, highly accurate colors, thanks to tightly-spaced pixels and liquid crystal blending. What's more, D-ILA chips have no spatial dithering that causes noise in the low black levels.

    Native Contrast

    Contrast ratio - a specification that describes a device's ability to reproduce deep blacks and bright whites - is widely recognized as a key performance parameter for home theater display products. At JVC, we measure our Procision projectors' "native" contrast ratio - the intrinsic ability of the projector to show the complete range of image contrast simultaneously, without the use of a dynamic iris to artificially inflate contrast specifications.

    For years, JVC has led the industry with projectors that produce the highest native contrast ratio. As a result, D-ILA Procision projectors reproduce the deepest blacks as well as vivid peak whites at the same time, for the most impactful images. JVC's Procision Series projectors are built around an exclusive optical engine that produces bright images with the highest native contrast. An upgraded wire-grid polarizer on the DLA-X75R reduces stray light caused by reflections and helps increase the native contrast ratio even further. The DLA-X75R achieves a stunning 90,000:1 native contrast ratio.

    3D Enabled

    JVC has a long history of innovation in 3D. Today, JVC studio monitors are used in movie production and broadcast quality JVC processors are the defacto standard for advanced 2D-3D conversion.

    All JVC Procision X-Series models are 3D enabled. JVC uses a Frame Sequential Method that provides a full 1920 x 1080 resolution to each eye without crosstalk and flicker. Images are so realistic and so natural-looking that it's like being pulled into the scene. With the frame sequential method, separate left-eye and right-eye images are alternated and require active shutter glasses to perceive the image correctly. Optional RF active shutter glasses and an RF emitter are available for the DLA-X75R.

    3D is an immersive experience. To truly appreciate it, a large screen is required. JVC D-ILA Procision projectors are the best way to enjoy 3D without compromise. These projectors make it possible to enjoy 3D with an engaging cinematic size that even the largest flat panel TV just can't match. JVC Procision projectors deliver a 3D experience that far exceeds what a movie theater can offer.

    3D Improvements

    The DLA-X75R Procision projector features a new 3D Processor with reduced 3D ghosting & cross talk

    New 3D RF Glasses & 3D RF Emitter (Optional)

    • Using RF technology, installation has been simplified. It is no longer necessary to aim the emitter.
    • Using RF technology also eliminates any possible interference with IR controlled equipment
    • The matching RF glasses have a range of 30 feet in any direction from the emitter, and are not affected if the viewer moves, or turns their head.

    2D/3D Conversion

    • Uses technology derived from our $30,000 JVC Broadcast 2D to 3D processor
    • Includes user adjustments for 3D depth and sub-title geometry correction

    Anamorphic Scaling for 3D

    • Vertical Stretch Scaling is available in both 2D and 3D modes
    • This makes it easy to use an Anamorphic lens and a Cinemascope format screen with a JVC projector in both 2D and 3D

    PK-AG3 3D RF Glasses (Optional)
    • Active Shutter Technology
    • Optically matched for high brightness and color accuracy
    • 3D/2D Mode Select
    • USB charging cable and protective bag provided
    • 100 hour operation with full 2.5 hour charge
    • Weight: 1.34 ounces
    • Compatible with PK-EM2 3D RF Emitter. As a set, the PK-AG3 & PK-EM2 may be used with previous JVC 3D Projectors

    JVC chooses to use Active Shutter Glasses on our 3D projectors for several reasons:

    1. They provide full frame 1920 x 1080 HD for each eye.
    2. The same screen can be used for 2D and 3D. This eliminates the need to purchase an additional screen, saving installation time and cost, as well as reducing clutter.
    3. Active Shutter Glasses facilitate the use of a single optical engine, eliminating the need for a second projector or optical engine. This simplifies product design and provides better quality optics and imaging devices without increasing cost.
    PK-EM2 3D RF Emitter (Optional)
    • Simple Installation: Plugs into back of projector
    • RF technology provides approximately 30 foot range in all directions when used with the PK-AG3 glasses
    Lens Memory

    Used with a Cinemascope screen to display images from 2.35:1 video that are 75% larger and without letterbox bars, instead of 33% smaller and with letterbox bars, as is the case with fixed 16:9 displays.

    Lens memory makes it possible to maintain a constant viewing height with various aspect ratios. Movies can be viewed at the same height as network programming, but with an expanded width for a more engaging experience-the way Hollywood intended.

    JVC has enhanced Lens Memory for 2013 with increased precision. The DLA-X75R offers 10 lens memories.

    Lens Design

    All JVC Procision projectors use a premium lens that offers both the highest resolution and the easiest installation.

    Many home theaters have obstructions or other installation challenges. With a 100" wide screen, a 2X Zoom makes it possible to set up the projector as close as 11 feet or as far away as 23 feet. The ±80% vertical and ±34% horizontal lens shift enables far more flexibility in setting up the projector, as it allows the projected picture to be easily moved horizontally or vertically. As a result, the projector does not need to be perfectly centered with the screen. Motorized control of the zoom, focus and lens shift permits adjustment from the remote for easiest operation.

    The DLA-X75R features a motorized lens cover that opens and closes in synchronization with power on/off to protect against dust. Even if the projector is installed on the ceiling, you are assured of easy, trouble-free operation via the remote control.

    ISF Calibration

    The DLA-X75R is licensed with the ISF C 3 (Certified Calibration Controls) mode, enabling trained professionals to calibrate the projector to specific screen surfaces, lighting environments and video sources. These precise settings are then stored in the projector to ensure reproduction of film or video content faithful to the source with excellent picture quality in all viewing situations.

    THX Certification/
    THX Calibration

    The DLA-X75R offers THX® 3D Display Certification. During the THX 3D certification process more than 400 laboratory tests are conducted. These tests evaluate color accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video processing to ensure the high quality 3D and 2D display performance that home theater enthusiasts demand.

    THX 3D displays offer a simple one-button solution for optimized playback of 3D and 2D movies - simply press the THX button on the remote. THX Cinema Mode is automatically selected with 2D sources to ensure that color reproduction, luminance, blacks, gamma and video processing matches what the filmmaker intended.

    THX 3D Cinema Mode is automatically selected with 3D sources, which extends this same level of accuracy for 3D. THX 3D Cinema Mode is designed to deliver highly accurate color in 3D, while minimizing sources of cross-talk and flicker. For further fine-tuning, all THX Modes can be accessed by THX Professional Calibrators.

    Color Management System

    The DLA-X75R features an improved 7-Axis Color Management System. In addition to the ordinary 6-axis matrix of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow; a seventh matrix for orange is included. The CMS provides for precise adjustment of hue, saturation and brightness for each color to allow accurate calibration of the projector's color gamut.

    The addition of the orange axis also helps pinpoint the color spectrum for skin tones. For improved operability, only the color being adjusted is shown on the screen while the others are displayed in black and white.

    Advanced Convergence Adjustment

    The DLA-X75R is a precision display with excellent alignment of the imaging devices as they ship from the factory. For the ultimate in alignment, installers and advanced hobbyists can now utilize a new advanced convergence adjustment that can be applied in increments of 1/16th of a pixel to any of 121 different zones across the screen.

    Color Profiles

    The DLA-X75R provides a range of predefined color profiles that offer faithful image quality with a wide variety of content.

    Profiles were developed after analysis of film prints from major Hollywood filmmakers and other content, such as live concerts, animation, sports and music videos.

    Screen Adjustment Modes

    The quality of projected images varies depending on the type of screen and its RGB reflective characteristics. JVC D-ILA Procision projectors have screen adjustment modes that enable users to select the optimum mode to match those screen characteristics for more natural and balanced color reproduction. Users may select from up to 105 modes to match their specific screen characteristics. A current list of projection screens and their specific modes is available on from this link: Screen Model Chart

    Clear Motion Drive

    Clear Motion Drive improves video with rapid movement. JVC has further enhanced its detection interpolation technology through high precision algorithms. Two modes are available to smooth motion in a wider range of video content. Clear Motion Drive reduces blur that is generated by high speed scenes such as sporting events and high speed action sequences, enhancing the viewing experience.

    Remote Control

    All JVC D-ILA Procision projectors feature a user-friendly, ergonomic remote with full illumination. Direct access keys are provided for virtually every possible picture adjustment. Discrete input buttons allow for easy access to any source. Discrete power on/off controls & codes are essential for system integration.

    System Control

    A wide variety of methods are available for system control. All JVC D-ILA Procision projectors offer a 12V trigger that can be configured for use with either a motorized screen or with an anamorphic lens. A 3D Synchro connection is provided for the 3D Emitter. An RS-232 connection is provided for more advanced system integration. A LAN connection is provided on all Procision models for system control and easy firmware updates.

    iOS App

    Full remote control of the projector is possible via iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch® when connected to a wireless router.

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